Marketing Mentors Network: David Hazelton & Lauren McLernon

You know those people who you make instant, natural connections with and you ask, “Where have you been all of my life?” That’s how David Hazelton and Lauren McLernon felt when they were paired in AMADC’s Marketing Mentors Network (MMN) program. “I think Lauren and I were matched because she is working on goals that align with my background. When Lauren and I met, we immediately hit it off. We were laughing, telling stories, and already brainstorming how we could meet Lauren's goals.” And Lauren

7 B2B & B2G marketing predictions for 2022

The concept of the metaverse has exploded in the second half of 2021 since Facebook’s rebranding announcement — and is only set to expand in 2022. B2B marketing organizations will experiment with building multifaceted metaverse programs that seamlessly blend the virtual and physical worlds, delivering elevated solutions for businesses. Key components of these programs will range from engaging, interactive content to immersive VR and AR experiences rooted in advanced, realistic animation and graphics. And, with 74% of marketers planning hybrid events in 2022, there are ample opportunities to use the metaverse to create more captivating events as part of B2B businesses’ integrated marketing strategies.

New Member News: Tapleigh Niethamer

What excites you about marketing? Helping organizations think deeply about their unique purpose, create compelling content, and proliferate innovation and knowledge in a positive way. Marketing helps connect organizations but most importantly it helps connect people. My hope is that through thoughtful communications we are creating lasting, authentic connections with customers to help businesses achieve more.

New Member News - Senna Bayasgalan

Is there a current trend or topic you'd recommend that other marketers look into? We’re exploring the use of video content and storytelling. We’re living in an overcommunicated society. By using the power of good visuals and authentic, simple positioning messages, you can help your prospects to shift their perception. Aside from the big names like Nike and Apple, Southwest Airlines does this very well. Southwest positions itself from its competitors as the low-fare and high-frequency carrier that is fun to fly.

The case for the lateral career move

I started my career in HR at a large government contractor. I didn’t study HR in college, nor did I feel passionate about defense or aerospace. Truthfully, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I took the first job I could find. With that uncertain start to my career, it’s no surprise that I didn’t love HR or the company I worked for. The fleeting moments of pleasure I found in my job were the one-off occasions when I got to write. I wasn’t picky; I wrote department-wide emails for executives.
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